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La Ville de Montréal vient de publier la liste des établissements de son territoire condamnés pour malpropreté dans le secteur de l’alimentation.


Les amendes varient de 500 $ à 2 000 $. Les contrevenants ont été condamnés le mois dernier à diverses infractions allant de la malpropreté des lieux, au non-respect des normes alimentaires jusqu’à la présence d’excréments de petits rongeurs dans les cuisines. Au total, 11 entreprises ont fait l’objet de poursuites et les amendes atteignent 16 100 $.


TIKI-MING : 250 $
4124,rue Jean-Talon Est

PRODUIT PITA ACHTAROUTE : 2 000 $  + 1 200 $ + 1 500 $
1575, rue Antoine-Barneau

: 2 000 $
1570, rue Sainte-Catherine Est

12680, boul. Gouin Ouest

1300, rue Villeray

176, rue Jean-Talon Est

182, place du Marché-du-Nord

7807, boul. Saint-Laurent

RESTAURANT WING PHAT : 1 000 $  + 1 000 $
4201, rue Jarry Est

270A, rue Chabanel Ouest

: 700 $
9048, boul. Saint-Michel

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토토사이트 Manchester United fired Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after three years as manager on Sunday after a fifth loss in seven Premier League games.
토토사이트 - 24 novembre 2021
검증놀이터 The Norwegian had been able to ride out previous stretches of underperformance, in part because of his popularity with fans as a former striker who took on legendary status because of his ability to come off the bench to score crucial winners.
검증놀이터 - 24 novembre 2021
안전놀이터 Former midfielder Michael Carrick, who was on Solskjaer's coaching staff will be in temporary charge, starting with a trip to Spain for a Champions League match at Villarreal in the group stage on Monday. United said it would look to then appoint a manager only until the end of the season.
안전놀이터 - 24 novembre 2021
사설토토 Coming after chastening losses to fierce rivals Liverpool (5-0) and Manchester City (2-0) in the last month, Solskjaer said he was ''embarrassed'' after United's lackluster performance at Watford but insisted after the game he still could turn things around at the club.
사설토토 - 24 novembre 2021
카지노사이트 ''While the past few weeks have been disappointing, they should not obscure all the work he has done over the past three years to rebuild the foundations for long-term success,'' United said. ''Ole leaves with our sincerest thanks for his tireless efforts as manager and our very best wishes for the future.
카지노사이트 - 24 novembre 2021
먹튀사이트 When Choi was hired on Nov. 16, he was immediately tasked with trying to rescue Gangwon FC from being relegated to the second-tier K League 2 next year.
mukoff - 26 novembre 2021
토토사이트추천 The last-place club in the K League 1 will be automatically relegated to the K League 2 for 2022. The 11th-place team will face a K League 2 playoff winner in the promotion-relegation playoff next month.
totooff - 26 novembre 2021
먹튀검증 The must-win match for Gangwon will kick off at Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul at 4:30 p.m. Sunday.
tototimez - 26 novembre 2021
검증놀이터 First up will be Jeonbuk at 2 p.m. Sunday at DGB Daegu Bank Park in Daegu, some 300 kilometers southeast of Seoul.
mukclean - 26 novembre 2021
스포츠토토사이트 Daegu FC can't finish any higher than third place, and it may be tempting to assume that they have little left to play for.
scoretvs - 26 novembre 2021
먹튀폴리스 Jeonguk, though, have dominated Daegu FC recently, with six wins in their past seven meetings. Jeonbuk have scored at least two goals in each of those six victories.
mtpolice - 26 novembre 2021
슈어맨 Ulsan, meanwhile, will visit Suwon Samsung Bluewings at 2:40 p.m. Sunday. These two clubs have had one win, one draw and one loss against each other this season. (Yonhap)
sureman - 26 novembre 2021
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